Larry Nisson has been working artistically with glass for over thirty years. He started as a stained glass artist and then became involved in glass blowing and glass sculpting. Larry enjoys the fact that he needs to be totally present to make the process work to his satisfaction. He loves the way colors, glass and light mix together to create a pleasurable visual and kinesthetic experience for the viewer. He finds glass art to be constantly challenging as well as extremely gratifying. In glass blowing and sculpting, the glass is his partner and he has to follow as well as lead.

Larry’s glass sculptures combine his glass blowing expertise, his sensitivity to the glass and his artistic creativity to make unique pieces that are valued and enjoyed by the people who own them.

Larry’s “Blades of Glass” series includes many different shapes of glass that may be used to brighten any yard, garden or flower pot. The glass can be brought inside in the winter or through out the year to add color to homes and offices. Larry is also an orchid grower and he finds that including glass in the orchid pot makes the presentation even more special. This can be done with other plants as well.

He makes his glasses with the intention of adding extra pleasure to the experience of the person who drinks from the glass. He has heard over and over that his glasses make people feel happier and so they drink from their “Larry glasses” whenever they can.


Larry’s glass art has been displayed by:

Kubiak Gallery in Douglas, MI,

The Manheim Gallery in Cottonwood, AZ

Ann Arbor Art Center

WSG Gallery in Ann Arbor, MI

Water Street Gallery in Douglas, MI

Selo Shevel in Ann Arbor, MI


Larry’s work is also in offices and businesses in Washtenaw County.